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Maelstrorcas (male-strork-ah) are an open species made by Jinxit!!

Maelstrorcas are a synthetic-organic creation that were created in a laboratory as part of an experiment. For more information on the species, visit Jinxit's website here!

A public version of this avatar to try out can be found in my avatar world, or at the FurHub.
You can also view the avatar on Sketchfab!!


  • Ready-to-upload Unity Package!
  • TOGGLEABLE Digitigrade and Plantigrade leg rigs!! (PC ONLY)
  • Full visemes, eye tracking, and gesture facial expressions
  • Body type sliders (Chubby/Thin and Feminine), and Tail size slider
  • TONS of customization options for the dorsal fins, ears, tail fins, spines, and more!!
  • Toggleable horns with three different preset styles
  • Hue, saturation, and brightness sliders
  • Toe and tail floor colliders
  • Idle tail wag animation
  • Puppet systems for ears, tail, and toes
  • Dervali's Laying/Sitting system
  • Custom icons for VRChat radial menu
  • Files for Photoshop (+.png), Substance Painter, and Blender (+.fbx)
  • 4k textures
  • Full-body tracking compatible
  • Quest-Compatible version included
  • 59932 Polygons | PC: Poor (If you aren't interested in the Toe colliders, removing them will make it Medium) | Quest: VeryPoor

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Redistribution refers to sharing the files with anyone who has not purchased them.

You must have knowledge of Blender, Unity, etc., in order to properly use this model. Please do not contact me asking for help with how to use the model. There are tons of tutorials you can search up. :)

What you CANNOT do:

  • Redistribute or resell the model.
  • Use/edit this model for any hateful, extremely distasteful, or otherwise malicious purposes, or to promote any political or religious agenda.
  • Share any of these assets with someone who hasn't purchased the model themselves. If you commission any other artist to edit this model, both you and the artist must purchase the model.
  • Remove or edit the artist credits inside the chest.

What you CAN do:

  • Customize and modify the base model and its textures in any way you please (as long as it follows the terms).
  • Upload your own custom version of this avatar, you may even make it public!
  • Modify the model for use in Beat Saber, NeosVR, ChilloutVR, etc., as long as necessary credits are given.
  • Make animations and post to YouTube or other streaming platforms, as long as you include credit to me (CallistaKirin) and link my Gumroad and/or Twitter.

I want this!

A ready-to-upload Unity Package and Photoshop, Substance Painter, and Blender files for editing!

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Maelstrorca VRChat Avatar

55 ratings
I want this!